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Synthetic Absorbents

Products Available:

  • Absorbent Pads

    • Oil Only (AM-P100 or P200)

    • Universal (U-P100)​

    • Chemical/ Hazardous Material (C-P100)

  • Absorbent Sock/ Boom​

    • Oil Absorbent Boom

      • 5"x10' 4/Bundle (B5-10)​

      • 8"x10' 4/Budle (B8-10)

    • Chemical/ Hazardous Socks

      • 3"x4' 30/Box (CS-330)​

      • 3"x8' 15/Box (CS-315)

      • 3"x12' 10/Box (CS-310)

  • Absorbent Pillows​

    • Chemical/ Hazardous Pillow (17"x 21"​) 16/Box (CP-16)

Synthetic Absorbent

Flexible Hose Floats

Foam floats are made from 2.2 lb/ft3 closed cell polyethylene foam, sealed in high visibility 22 oz orange PVC. Each float is individually sealed in a water proof chamber. 

Grommets on each end for closing the unit and fastening to the hose.

Sizes available to fit 2" up to 5" diameter hoses. 

Hose Floats
Tarps & Covers

Industrial Tarps & Covers

We manufacture quality heavy-duty tarps and covers to your specification. 


  • Heavy Duty 18 oz PVC Fabric

    • Various colors available​

    • Fire retardant material available

  • Seams are welded to maintain water-tight seals

  • Double ply hems with grommets or fasteners available

Drums & Totes

We stock drums, totes, and liners for your storage needs.

Products Available:

  • Polyethylene Drums 

  • Steel Drums

  • Over-Pack Drums

  • Polylab Pack

  • Totes 

  • Liners 

Don't forget secondary containment! 

Click here to learn more about our drip trays & berms. 

Drums & Totes

Flexible Tanks & Self-Rising Tanks

Flex- Tanks

  • Heavy-Duty Temporary Fluid Storage

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Frames are available in steel or aluminum

  • Tank liner is 22 oz PVC material

  • Hinged corners and folding sides

Self-Rising Tanks

  • No setup required, simply lay flat and fill

  • Light-duty Temporary Water Storage

  • Folds down for minimal storage space

  • Constructed from 22 oz PVC material and foam collar

Flexible Tanks

Sorb-Sox & Spillows

The absorption power of Oclansorb® in ​easy to use socks, boom, and pillows



Acting as a floating barrier that assists in the clean-up process of removing oil from the water's surface, Hi-Point Sorb-Sox are the first means of defense against oil spills.

Hi-Point Industries has designed various models and sizes of Sorb Sox for all types of spills. Whether the purpose is to contain, collect, absorb, or deflect oil, Sorb-Sox can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Easily molded to the shape of any oil spill, their strong wicking action draws and retains oil on contact, leaving a clean dry surface. Once the oil is absorbed, they can be easily disposed of in landfills or incinerators, local regulations permitting.


Sorb Sox Boom perform equally as well as Sorb Sox Miniboom, but are used for much larger spills.


  • Sorb Sox 4” x 2’ Miniboom Order #: SS42

  • Sorb Sox 4” x 4’ Miniboom Order #: SS44

  • Sorb Sox 4” x 8’ Miniboom Order #: SS48

  • Sorb Sox Boom 7” x 10’ Order #: SB710


Hi-Point Spillows are made from two laminated polypropylene pads sewn together to form a pillow filled with Oclansorb.


  • 17"x 19" x 2" (10/case) 

    • Order#: SP10

    • Absorbs 1.5 U.S gallon/ pillow 

  • 17"x 9.5" x 2" (20/case)

    • Order # SP20​

    • Absorbs .75 U.S gallon/pillow


1 grommet per Spillow and 4’ of poly rope. This feature permits Spillows to be tied together or tied off for easy retrieval from water surfaces or from bilges, and so on.

Sorb-Sox & Spillows
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