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Oil Containment Boom

& Turbidity Curtain

Contain Spills before they spread.

Oil will spread easily across a surface of water by winds and currents.


Our Oil Containment Boom  provides an  oil-tight barrier of any length. It is designed to stop oil from spreading and aids in oil collection and clean up efforts. 

Heavy Duty Oil  Boom


  • Constructed from high-quality marine grade PVC coated fabric

  • Foam Logs provide excellent buoyancy and prevents splash-over

  • Top Tension member provides additional strength

  • Ballast Chain keeps boom upright and provides additional strength

  • Shotgun, Slide, and ASTM connectors available

  • Clearly marked anchor points

  • Handels for easy deployment

  • 50' Sections (100' & Custom available)


We Do Custom! 

Round Boom 

  • Suitable for use in Rivers, Lakes, Harbors, and Sea

  • Round Foam Flotation provides buoyancy and prevents splash over

  • High  Freeboard for rough conditions

  • Standard heights available 18" - 36"

  • Can be designed for your Custom Requirements 

Flat Boom

  • Suitable for use in Calm Water 

  • Rectangular foam flotation with Internal stiffeners for stability and buoyancy

  • Can be folded or stored on a reel for easy storage and deployment

  • Standard heights available 18" - 36"

  • Can be designed for your Custom Requirements 

round boom.PNG
flat boom.PNG


  • Anchors, Dock Sliders, Tidal Compensators, and Towing Paravanes Available

  • Shotgun, Slide, and ASTM connectors available


Turbidity & Sediment Curtain        

Tired of Silt Curtain and Turbidity Curtain that falls apart during a job? 

Stop suspended sand and silt from leaving your work site. Comply with construction regulations. 

Our Turbidity Curtain is built to last! All the features of our Heavy Duty Oil Boom with an Geo-textile Skirt  for containment of suspended solids. 

Standard and custom designed products available. 

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